Son's of The American Legion
Squadron 22  Whitman Ma
Flag Pole Renovations  2009
Stepping Stones Armed Service Branches donated by SAL to American Legion & placed at Flag Pole  (05/31/10)
American Legion Honor Guard - Son's in Uniform
Memorial Day May 2010  Am Lgn Honor Guard  .
Pearl Harbor Day at VFW
Honor Guard
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Children's Hospital Fundraiser  -  March 2010
Children's Hospital Fundraiser  -  April 2012
Children's Hospital Fundraiser  -  April 2011
l-r Scott,Ken,Donnie,John,Paul
Cliff Smith in red shirt
Miss Mass, Amanda Kelly
Installation of Officers  -  August 2011
Cmdr John w/Sue
past & present Cmdr Donnie & John
Service Dog in Training for Veterans.  Dogs are  trained by prison inmates weekdays. This is Mona, a female, black lab pup w/SAL member, Ken at his home for a weekend for outdoor exposure. (04/14/12)
Installation of Officers  -  July 2012
Cmdr John (ctr)
Marie with Hansel, service dog in training for Vets.  American  Legion, Whitman Sat. 07/21/12
State Adjutant, Cliff Smith (ctr, in suit)
Brockton Enterprise article on Vet Dogs 09/16/12
Children's Hospital Fundraiser  -  April 2013
Memorial Day Honor Guard May 27, 2013 at American Legion Post 22
Jenna Nowlin, Miss Collegiate accepting awards from SAL - 052913
Installation of Officers  -  August 2013
Special Meat Raffle - November 2013
Special Awards - March 2014
Joe "Jay" Marzilli Special Award 032614
State Officers Meeting - March 2014
Cliff Smith & Bill Murphy at our Post w/Sal members & guest 3/30/14
Children's Hospital Fundraiser  -  April 2014
State (2014) Convention June 6 & 7
Honor Guard and Award  presentation
Whitman Firefighters Memorial - June 8, 2014 at Fire Station with Am Lgn Honor Guard
Installation of Officers - September  2014
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(left) Installed Leaders of SAL, Riders, & Lgn 2014-2015   (right) Ken receives an Award 
(left) SAL Ofcrs being sworn in  (right) Group Ofcrs photo 
Special Meat Raffle - November 2014